Alpha Fehu SEO | Geometric Growth Though Search Engine Optimization

Alpha Fehu SEO | Geometric Growth Though Search Engine Optimization

Experience Geometric Growth Vis-À-Vis Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics for Search Engine Optimization

Set Your Presumptions High

What Makes Us Different 

SEO Services Done Right

Why Our Clients Invest In Us

  • Our team has mastered the key to business expansion. We are able to obtain top rankings in multiple geo-targeted locations.
  • We increase visibility, leading to new opportunities and new business.
  • Highly Targeted Keyword Conversion

  • We provide nothing but the most dedicated, trusted and financially beneficial SEO packages possible.
  • Our methods facilitate only the most competitive, long-term results.

  • No short cuts, black hat tricks or automation.
  • We do not service competing entities.

Our Criteria For Doing Business

Our services are for companies that are up and running already and simply want to move a lot faster and a lot farther. We do not work with: get rich quick schemes, adult themed material, or startups.
You’re running ads, you’re promoting, and you’re selling your services. You don’t have to be a household name, you just need to be PRESENT in your market
You must have a good, solid product or service and a good reputation. Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

Client Testimonials

Brain’s knowledge on SEO and how to position your business in front of eager buyers is top notch. He has the technical mind to study the ever changing rhythm of Google, which makes him privy to information that other SEO companies would not know. If you’re looking for someone who has your best interest at heart, contact Brian today.”
Sally Sutton
Brian is highly efficient, intelligent and professional at search engine ranking. He was instrumental to a very important project of mine recently. He is forward-looking and on top of search algorithms. I highly recommend Brian and his team.
Parthesh Patel
“I have hired several marketing agencies in the past few years, and it’s done okay for me. Brian has opened up a whole new realm of opportunity in regards to search engine marketing. Our sales are up over 600% from last year and 92% of our new customers come in off of Google.”
Alfonso Larriva

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Why Search Engine Optimization Is So Expensive

By now, most small business owners don't need to be sold on the value of SEO. They know that search engines come into play in a huge range of buying decisions, and securing a healthy [...]

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Will SEO Really Help Drive More Sales To My Business?

It has been more 12 years since companies have realized SEO is a truly imperative investment.  of people use Google to find the answers to their questions online. And for many consumers, “googling” is one of the best resources to help them make a purchasing decision. With conventional ads, you’re displaying information to people who may or may not be looking to purchase that Walking Treadmill you’re selling. But with SEO and Google, you’re displaying your website to those who have given indication that they’re interested in what you’re offering, because they typed in “Walking Treadmill” on their Google search bar. According to the latest 2014 studies on organic click-through rates, 71% of all Google searches result in an organic click on the first page. The #1 link gets 32% of the clicks, while the #2 gets 14%. The results on the second and third page combined receive less than 5.6% of the clicks. As for the users who don’t click on the results, they simply made another search by refining their keywords, or perhaps they clicked on a PPC ad. Here are some other stats: 73% use search to find where the products are sold, 72% use search to make price comparisons, and 63% use search to find promos. And they read reviews too. 73% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a brand more, and 79% say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And finally, a high ranking on Google acts like a billboard, and it helps you increase awareness of your brand among potential customers. So will SEO increase your business? With proper SEO,  Source: SearchEngineLand.com

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